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3300 N Mayflower Dr
Appleton, WI 54913


3300 N Mayflower Dr
Appleton, WI 54913


Storage Unit Tips | Appleton Area Storage

Inspect your storage space

Inspect your storage unit for adequate sizing. Be sure to allow residual space along walls, floor, and between items to allow air flow. Improper stacking of items without allowing airflow could create a moisture condition during certain seasonal periods.

Determine the packing accessories you need

Bubble-pack, tape, drop cloths, mattress and furniture covers, locks and assorted size boxes from book to wardrobe size.

Fill boxes to capacity

Partially full or bulking cartons may collapse or tip. Heavy items like books or tools should be packed in small boxes so they are easy to lift. Protect you fragile goods with packing (i.e. bubble-pack or other), and place them near the top of your storage space.

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Label boxes on two sides

It only take a minute to label your boxes as you pack, but by doing so will save you lots of time when you’re ready to move them out, or worse yet in having to locate something in your storage unit when you really need it. Be sure to put a label on the side as well as the top so that they are easily seen. Once the boxes are stacked on top of each other a label on the top doesn’t help.

Pack the storage space carefully

Leave air space around the perimeter to aid ventilation. Do not lean items against walls. Leave a walk-way to the rear of your space for easy access. Use all the space available, including the height, and place frequently used goods near the door.

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How can I maximize my space?

• Store couches (except sofa-beds) on end to maximize space.

• Protect mattresses and furniture with pads and covers.

• Wrap mirrors and pictures with paper pads, or use mirror boxes.

• Never store these items flat. Disassemble tables and shelves and store on their sides.

• Wrap and mark all pieces for easier re-assembly.

• Seal boxes completely with packing tape to keep out dust.

• Pack closely to prevent collapsing when stacked.

• Keep refrigerator and freezer doors slightly ajar and clean before storing.

• And don’t forget to use the space inside for extra storage!

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